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geo Location Marker

Developer: RFM Software

Way-point navigation: Open directions to a place in google maps app> select 'Share directions' from options menu> select geo Location Marker icon, enter a name and save. geo Location marker saves directions as way-points which can be used for navigation.The fastest way to mark your current location: Turn on location and start SpeedFix, this will keep the GPS fixed in the background. Use the mark place app-widget to instantly mark your current location, give it a name and hit save.
- Mark your current location.- Save places from google maps. (requires internet)- Save directions to a place from google maps as way-points and navigate offline.- View and navigate to saved places using simple compass and distance scale.- Metric and Imperial units of measurement.- Share your saved locations.- Open saved locations in google maps.- Most functions work without internet connection.- Option to keep location services running in the background so that you don't have to wait for GPS fix every time you open an app that uses GPS. (works with any app that uses GPS)
Uses of this app:
Mark your car and easily find it in large parking lots. Mark interesting locations when you are too busy to stop and come back later. Save and view way-points when hiking. Mark places and write descriptions when touring. Send your saved locations to a friend or share on social media. Save way-points to use turn-by-turn navigation without internet connection.
**To save places or directions from google maps, select the place or directions on map > select share from options menu > select geo Location Marker icon > give it a name and hit save.
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- Access Location to mark your location coordinates and to calculate relative distance, bearing when viewing saved places.- Uses Internet to read google maps URL.- Keeps the device awake to ensure that GPS fix is not lost when device stays locked for too long. (This feature is disabled by default and can be toggled in the SpeedFix settings)